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Community Mother Tongue Language Program: WAB recognizes the importance of maintaining mother tongue languages and supports the Community After School Mother Tongues programs where students can learn their mother tongue language on an academic level. Please click here for more information from Donna Connolly and Henk van Mourik, the program director.

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Parking: Members of staff and Parents require permits in order to park their motor vehicles within the campus. Permits are available from Student Services. All parents may apply for permits which allow them access to the campus.

Applications for permits should be made at the Elementary Building, Student Services office. Copies of the rules relating to the admission of vehicles, traffic control and parking are available on request. All drivers and riders entering the campus must obey the traffic signs and any instructions given by Security officers. Taxis carrying passengers are permitted to enter the campus. Members of the public having any business or attending a function in the School may park their vehicles in the parking areas at the front of the Elementary campus.

Taxi pick-ups should be arranged at particular gates and not at buildings on the campus.


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Kontakt udenfor skoletiden: Hvis I har brug for hjælp udenfor den normale skole åbning så kan følgende kontaktes:
Security Manager - Mark Mazzarol - 13910524900 eller evt. Security Assistant - Blake Wang - 13436843444 eller Security Assistant - Joe Ge - 13488769640

Hvordan finder jeg til WAB: WAB Vejviser